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The Countryside Education Project, initiated and managed by formed NFC student Chork Ratana, aims to deliver education opportunities to the children and youngsters from the poor farming village of Kor.

Chork Ratana is an orphan from the poor farming village of Kor. At a young age he found shelter in NFC and by now has completed university. Ratana is grateful for the opportunities NFC has given him – opportunities many other Cambodian children will never receive. In 2013, he proposed to start an education program in his hometown to help other underprivileged children.

Most families in Kor have limited financial means to send their children to school. Instead, youngsters often have to help in the fields or are sent to factories to help provide an income for the family (often working in abominable circumstances). Ratana wanted to change this situation and motivate the community for education. Since the start of this project he has spent every weekend in the village to teach the children (on a voluntary basis).

Ratana portret“I am very glad to work on this project because my situation was similar to these children’s.
Before I came to NFC, I did not have a chance to study because the community is so poor and I have no parents to support me.
I always felt very sad when I saw other children go to school.
Thanks to NFC, I have received higher education.
I really wanted to pass on my knowledge to other children and give these children a chance to study as well.
I can now help others, after NFC has helped me.”


With this project we have achieved a change in mentality: at first most families were focussed on short-term results (having their children contribute to the family income), but now most families understand the long-term benefits of education and have become motivated to send their youngsters to school. In collaboration with Golden Futures (UK) we are currently aiming to provide some of these students with scholarships to continue their studies at university. That is why we are looking for donors who are willing to sponsor a student during their studies. If you are interested, kindly contact us.

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