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One of Stichting Dom-ray’s goals is to ensure that the children involved in her projects can successfully transition into becoming independent members of the Cambodian society. To reach this goal, Stichting Dom-ray’s MidwayHouse project was started in 2010. The MidwayHouse project provides university and vocational training students with affordable and safe housing where they can also acquire the skills that are necessary to transition to a successful independent existence.


I have seen children in shelters grow up without developing a sense of the value of money, being unfamiliar with what is needed to run a household, and thus being alienated from the real world. Without these skills they will not be able to live a successful independent life, despite good vocational or university training. To combat these issues, the MidwayHouse was founded in 2010 and currently students from two shelters (NFC and Cambodian Organization for Living and Temporary-care) make use of this project. Major expenses, such as rent, are covered by Stichting Dom-ray, but the youngsters have to find jobs in order to pay for all other costs, such as water and electricity bills, their food, transportation, and all personal items. Moreover, they are completely responsible for all daily operations, including housekeeping, grocery shopping and cooking. This leaves them with great autonomy and responsibility, mimicking an independent lifestyle.
As of 2017 the MidwayHouse also provides safe and affordable housing for students from the Countryside Education Project whom have received a scholarship to attend university or vocational training in Phnom Penh.

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