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Stichting Dom-ray is a Dutch registered charity founded by Emmy (Emily) Cohen in 2007. Stichting Dom-ray aims to give disadvantaged young Cambodians the opportunity to brighten their futures. To reach this goal, Stichting Dom-ray collaborates with international and Cambodian organisations and funds several local Cambodian initiatives.   Logo Dom-ray

Since its establishment in 2007, Stichting Dom-ray supports New Future for Children (NFC); a shelter and community education centre in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. Stichting Dom-ray also funds the Midway House; a project providing university and vocational training students with affordable and safe housing where they can also acquire the skills that are necessary to transition to a successful independent life. Stichting Dom-ray is also the proud sponsor of the Countryside Education Project, established by former NFC student Chork Ratana in 2013. The Countryside Education Project delivers education to the poor farming village of Kor and aims to provide some of its students with scholarships to continue their studies at university.

Stichting Dom-ray’s administration and fundraising are performed by its board and are unpaid, keeping costs to a minimum. I can therefore assure you that every penny of your donation reaches those in need.

On the page “Why Dom-ray” you can read why I have started this charity.